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Being a magazine publisher can be quite stressful at times, and having the intelligent flatplan certainly takes away a lot of the stress. Being able to know how far on you are with the magazine is absolutely critical, and the intelligent flatplan does that adequately. I don't know where I would be without it.

Matthew Richardson - General manager/designer

Intelligent Flatplan has reformed our office, we are so much more organised and print deadlines are no longer a headache. It offers full transparency and it's great to be able to monitor progress with each title as well as magazine design and flow. It's so easy to use and communicating with our regional offices has been vastly improved. I don't know how we managed before we had it!

Kate Harrison - Editorial director


I have been searching for a program like Intelligent Flatplan for a long long time! Rather than shuffling around with a clumsy Word document to plan our publications, I can easily update features while allowing designers, other editors and the advertising director to collaborate and always have the most up-to-date information. It has made work a lot more efficient.

Victoria Dwek

Working with production, sales and design in three different locations, Intelligent Flatplan is a very useful and easy-to-use way of managing our production needs.

Geoff Weate - Publisher

It makes my life a lot easier. Gone are the days of having to write out endless flatplans by hand and, having something you can play about with online, makes planning an issue much simpler.

Joe Bates - Editor

Insight-Group Using Intelligent Flatplan means that all the members of our publishing team can see the status of the current issue, or add their own elements to the flatplan, wherever they are based. It's a great way for us to manage our customer magazines.

Maureen Robson

Intelligent flatplan is blissfully easy to use, I am in flatplan heaven!

Mela Ragusa - Editor

Global-Media-Alliance As a fast growing contract publisher the Intelligent Flatplan has revolutionised the way we are able to engage with clients and provides a highly cost-effective service differentiator.

Nicholas Barr
The Global Media Alliance

No more messy bits of paper and rubbing out; quick and easy to use; make changes and add pages at the touch of a button.

Kelly Byne - Advertising manager

A very simple and effective tool, backed by a pro-active support team. Intelligent Flatplan comes highly recommended.

John Osborne


Intelligent Flat Plan is exactly that, an intelligent, well organised, accessible, fair priced and continuously evolving online programme backed by a really great service oriented staff dedicated to taking the time to walk you through any problems or inquiries you have. >bmm would definitely recommend their services.

Nioucha Banna - Managing editor

Since being introduced to the Intelligent Flatplan earlier this year, it has contributed substantially to our working set up. With offices in the UK, Singapore, Dubai and Beijing it ensures that all the team, no matter where they are, have current and correct flatplan information at all times. Unnecessary delays and mistakes are avoided and the work flow is smoother and less stressful. Any queries or problems have been dealt with swiftly and satisfactorily and the planned upgrades will only serve to make it an even more indispensible tool for Blank Canvas Publishing. Well done.

Sue Gould - Sales manager

Accession Intelligent Flatplan is one of the most important recent developments in publishing, it takes the stress and strain out of going to press, I can't imagine publishing without it.

Oliver Romain - Managing director

MMG The Intelligent Flatplan saves vital staff time by getting issues to bed faster and saves money by eliminating communication and human error caused by old flatplanning methods. For MMG, the Intelligent Flatplan is now a vital production tool for all our publications.

Mark Leary - Publisher

Intelligent Flatplan has become the focal point of our production process. It's intuitive and flexible. I await each upgrade with great anticipation

Matthew Hawker - Production director

I was very pleased to find this website, and the software has quickly become an essential tool in helping to manage our print projects. It's intuitive, clearly laid out and includes some very useful features. The ability to share flatplans with others, both online and with instantly created PDFs, is fantastic.

John Bryant

Mobile Intelligent Flatplan has given us a cost effective and easy to use method of managing our media titles. We have complex needs, as we have sponsor and advertiser requirements and content from multiple sources, offices and continents. Intelligent Flatplan allows us to manage our titles efficiently across a wide group of contributors.

Rick Costello - Head of media and market information services

EMS The Intelligent flatplan has cut our workload considerably. With sales reps based around the country we no longer need to fax changes. We can show the flatplan to advertisers at meetings and choose positions which adds an extra dimension. I would highly recommend it to small or large organisations alike. Great idea, I just wish I had thought of it myself.

Michael Dominguez - Advertisement Sales

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