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1: Synchronise Flash and HTML interfaces with database

This video shows the existing Flash interface and new HTML interface communicating with the same content database. This eliminates the need for data migration during the upgrade process.

2: Object positioning without Flash Player

This video demonstrates the positioning of Advert and Editorial Objects in a pure HTML environment, without the need for Flash Player.

3: Live, real-time, animated flatplan refresh

In this video we demonstrate the live, real-time refresh of re-positioned Advert and Editorial Objects in multiple logged-in browsers. This removes the need to manually refresh a flatplan in a multi-user environment.

4: New default Editorial and Advert Objects

Here we show the introduction of new default Editorial and Advert Objects including Rest of Page DPS, Half Page DPS and 1.5 Page. These new default shapes make it easier and quicker to construct more complex page geometries.

5: Switch Snap-to-Edge off

This preview illustrates the ability to turn the Snap-to-Edge function off to create more complex page geometries. For example, placing an advert across the centre spread.

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