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Why: Share, view and back-up flatplans offline

Step 1: Click the Print Button (Upper tool bar, second button)

Step 2: Choose your preferred paper size

Step 3: Choose a layout option. Flow shows the flatplan as a continuous row of pages, like the planning screen. Print Sections provide options to isolate the covers and group pages in sections of four, eight and sixteen pages.

Step 4: Choose whether to scale the PDF across multiple pages. A small issue, say 36-pages should fit comfortably on an A4. However, larger issues can be scaled across multiple pages for easier viewing

Step 5: Choose whether to include the Legend which refers to refers to the colour legend for workflow status and sections

Step 6: Choose whether to include any notes added to Notes Panel on the planning screen

Step 7: Choose whether to include any Thumbnails added to pages or objects

Video Tutorial

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