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Feature Benefit Tutorial
Home Screen A quick guide to Home Screen functions Read
Planning Screen A quick guide to Planning Screen functions Read


Feature Benefit Tutorial
Create first Title Profile Quickly setup your first Title Read
Add first Issue Quickly add the first Issue of the First Title Read
Add company logo to site header Personalise your account by adding your company logo to the site header Read
Clone Flatplan Reduce the time it takes to plan a new Issue by cloning a previous Issue Read

Issue and Page Planning

Feature Benefit Tutorial
Allocate editorial space Quickly allocate editorial space by dragging and dropping editorial objects Read
Allocate advertising space Quickly allocate advertising space by dragging and dropping advertisement objects Read
Pages: Insert Easily increase the size of an existing flatplan by inserting new blank pages Read
Pages: Move Automatically move blank or populated pages to a new location in a flatplan
Pages: Delete Decrease the size of an existing flatplan by deleting blank and/or populated pages
Pages: Inserts & supplements Insert pages with non-contiguous page numbering
Sections Easily identify sections using colour coded page numbers
Holding Zone Make space on a page by holding objects in the Holding Zone
Custom size Objects Accommodate custom sized Advert and Editorial Objects
Issue Notes and Warnings Add notes and warnings to Issues
Archive Issue Archive completed Issues to remove them from the Home Screen Read

Editorial/Advert Object Planning

Feature Benefit Tutorial
Move: Objects on Page Drag Object to a new location on the same Page
Move: Objects between Pages Drag Object from one Page to another Page
Move: Objects between Issues Move Objects between Issues via the Holding Zone
Move Objects off the Flatplan Temporarily move an Object off the Flatplan
Group Edit Label, Description, Workflow Edit Label, Description and Workflow of multiple Objects in one step Read
Group Edit: Delete Delete multiple Objects in one step
Notes and warnings Add notes and warnings to Editorial and Advert Objects
Resize Automatically resize an Object if its dimensions change
Repeat Objects Automatically repeat standard Objects on subsequent flatplans Read
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