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Step 1

Add Issue identifier. Typically, the Issue identifier would be a month, season, date or reference code. 

Step 1 - Add Issue identifier

Step 2

Enter total page count, including covers.

Note: It is recommended to start with the smallest predicted page count and insert new blank pages if the Issue subsequently grows in size. This avoids wasting Page Credits on unwanted pages. 

Step 2 - Enter page count

Step 3

Choose the binding style. Typically, Saddle Stitched (stapled) binding is used for smaller page counts (up to say 68-pages) while Perfect binding is used for higher page counts. Loose Leaf applies to individual printed products such a cooker cards. Binding style is governed by variables such as page count, paper weight, gutter width, double-page spreads and the printer’s binding equipment.  

Step 3 - Choose binding style

Step 4

Option: Set a Publication Date. In the Control Panel this Date provides a quick date reference for all active and pending issues. In the Planning Screen the Date triggers a ‘Days Remaining’ function which, together with the colour coded Workflow Status of each Editorial and Advert Object, provides a visual guide to whether the issue is on, ahead or behind schedule.  

Step 4 - Set publication date

Step 5a

The Issue is now ready for Activation.

Step 5 - Issue is ready for activation
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