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Add Issue

  • Add Issue: Click Add Issue button to open the Add Issue screen

Open Select Title list

  • Open Select Title List: Click the down-arrow in the Select Title field to open the drop-down list

Select Title

  • Select Title: From the drop-down list, select the parent Title for the Issue

Create Issue

  • Create Issue: Click the Create Issue button to create the Issue and add it to the Home Screen Table

Issue added to Home Screen

  • Issue Added to Home Screen: The Issue appears in the table on the Home Screen

Add Issue Name

  • Add Isse Name: Type the Isse Name into Issue Name field
  • Note: Depending on frequency, the Issue Name is typically a month, season, date or a bespoke reference number

Add Page Count

  • Add Page Count: Add the Issue Page Count in the Pages Field
  • Note: The Page Count includes the Covers
  • Note: The Page Count can be increased or decreased at a later date using the Pages Functions
  • Note: We recommend starting with the lowest Page Count and increasing it if necessary at a later date

Add Publication Date

  • Add Publication Date: Add the Publication Date by typing the date into the field or using the drop-down calendar
  • Note: This date is used to calcutale how many days remain before the deadline
  • Note: Typically. we recommend this date is the deadline for all editorial, advertising and production tasks to be completed and passed for press

Activate the Flatplan

  • Activate the Flatplan: To start using the Flatplan, click the Activate Button.
  • Note: Activating the Flatplan deducts Page Credits from your Account
  • Note: Flatplans can be added to the Home screen and left unactivated. This lets you prepair a batch of future Flatplans in advance and Activate them as required

Open the activated Flatplan

Save and Activate: After double checking the Title, Issue, Format and Page numbering, click the Save and Activate Button to open the Flatplan

Flatplan opens for use

Flatplan Opens: The Flatplan opens, ready for use

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