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Step 1

Click ‘Add a new Title or Issue’.

Step 1 - Click 'Add a new Title or Issue' cell

Step 2

Click drop-down arrow.

Step 2 - Click drop-down arrow

Step 3

Step 3: Click ‘Add New Title’.

Step 3 - Click 'Add New Title'

Step 4

Add the Title. NOTE: DO NOT add an Issue identifier as part of the Title description. For example, Issues are often identified by a month, date or reference number. Issue identifiers are added AFTER the Title has been created. This is important as the system need to differentiate between different Issues of the same Title.

Step 4 - Add Title

Step 5a

Select a page format from the default list of pages dimensions or, if your page dimensions are not listed, move to Step 5b to create a custom page size.

Step 5a - Select page format

Step 5b

If one of the default formats is not suitable, select the ‘New Custom’ format option.

Step 5b - Select Add New Custom

Step 5c

Create a custom page format by entering the dimensions for the width and height. Dimensions can be added in mm or decimal inches.

Step 5c - Create Custom Format

Step 6

Choose a numbering style for the Title. For example, numbering ‘From Front Cover’ is often used for newspaper style publications which use the same paper stock for all pages. Numbering ‘From First Right Hand Page’ is often used for magazine style publications which use different paper stock for the covers.

Step 6 - Select page numbering style

Step 7

Select which User(s) will have access to this Title. Unselected and new Users can be added to the Title at a later date via the Edit User options. 

Step 7 - Select Users

Step 8a

Click Save to add the Title to the Control Panel.

Step 8 - Click Save

Step 8b

The Title is displayed in the Control Panel.

Step 8b - New Title Setup Complete
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