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Slide Menu open

  • Open Menu: Click the Green Arrow to slide the Menu open

Open Settings screen

  • Open Setting: Click the Settings link to open the Settings screen.

Open the Add Title panel

  • Click Add Title: Click the Add Title Button in the Title Profiles Panel

Add Title Label

  • Add Title Label: Type the Title into the Title Label Field.

  • Note: Don't add an Issue identifier (date, reference etc) at this stage, just the Title. Issues are added after the Title Profile has been added.

Open the Title Format list

  • Open Formal List: Click the down arrow to reveal a list of default formats, plus the option to create Custom Formats.

Select default Format

  • Select Format: Select one of the Default Formats if the dimensions match those of the Title

Add Custom Format (Optional)

  • Add Custom Format (opptional): Alternatively, select Add New Custom Format if none of the Default Formats match the Title's dimensions.

Set Custom Format dimensions

  • Add Custom Dimensions: Add the Title's Width and Height using mm or decimal inches'

Choose Page Numbering Style

  • Choose Numberting Style: Choose whether the Title's front cover or first right hand page is page one.

Select which Users can access this Title

  • Select Users: Select which Users can access this Title.
  • Note: If a User is added to the system after the Title has been created they can be granted access during the User Account creation or at a later date via the Edit Existing User interface.

Save the Title Profile

  • Save Profile: Click the Save Button to save the Title Profile.

Title Profile complete

  • Profile complete: The new Title is added to the list of Title Profiles.

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