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Menu 1 - View and functions

  • Zoom: Set Zoom Level. Note: Default Zoom Level can be set via My Profile
  • Show: Highlight/mask by Object type. (Editorial, Advert etc). Note: Default Show can be set via My Profile
  • Snap to Page Edges: Control whether Objects snap to Page edges. Note: Default is On
  • Group Edit: Group similar Objects to edit their Label, Description and/or Workflow Status
  • Thumbnails: Add or remove Thumbnail Images to Objects or Pages
  • Sections: Create and apply Editorial Sections to groups of Pages
  • Print Flatplan: Generate and save/print a PDF of the Flatplan
  • Email Flatplan: Generate and email a PDF of the Flatplan

Menu 2 - Pages and Objects

  • Page Options: Show/hide Page Options Panel. Insert, Move Swap and Delete Pages. Also, add Loose and Bound-in Supplements and Inserts.
  • Clipboard: Show/hide Clipboard which is used to store Objects off the Flatplan.
  • Shapes: Show/hide Objects (Editorial, Advert, Advertorial)

Object Panel

  • Object Panel: Displays Default and Custom Objects (Editorial, Advert, Advertorial)

Menu 3 - Objects

  • Add Shape: Create a Custom Object (Editorial, Advert, Advertorial)
  • Default Object View: Toggle Default Object View on/off
  • Detail Object View: Toggle Detail Object View on/off

Issue Notes

  • Issue Notes: Add/edit Notes specific to an Issue. eg reminder of cover mounts, gloss finish etc

Activity Log

  • Activity Log: Displays a timeline of Flatplan Activity by Date, Time, User and Event

Status Bar

  • Status Bar: Numerical summary of Page count, Advert, Advertorial and Editorial Objects (number and percentage),empty space, Objects in Clipboard and Days remaining until Publication date

Workflow - Sections Legend

  • Workflow/Sections Legend: Visual reminder of Editorial, Advert and Advertorial Workflow points (including email triggers). Also a visual reminder of Editorial Sections

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