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1 Issues

Spreadsheet view of all activated and pending flatplans.

Walkaround Control Panel 1 Issues

2 Bookings

The Intelligent Flatplan includes an advertisement booking function which generates both a booking confirmation and the corresponding advertisement Object on the flatplan. Make new bookings and edit existing bookings. Add new advertiser details or edit existing details. Generate a simple or advanced bookings report.  

Walkaround Control Panel 2 Bookings

3 My Flatplan

Individual users can personalise aspects of their account via the My Flatplan options. Prevent the Object Dialogue Box automatically opening when you place a new Object on the Flatplan (speeds initial planning). Set the default zoom level based on your screen resolution. Set your preferred view (For clarity, editors may prefer advertisements greyed out, while media sales may prefer editorial greyed out).     

Walkaround Control Panel 4 Reports

4 Reports

Generate a spreadsheet style view of a flatplan’s content. Useful for meetings, generating an advertisers index and cross checking all advertisement bookings are on the flatplan. 

Walkaround Control Panel 4 Reports

5 Account

Contact details for the Account holder. Also upload a company logo to replace the Intelligent Flatplan logo on the Control  Panel and Flatplanning screens.

Walkaround Control Panel 5 Account

6 Users

Add new Users to your Account. Chose their username and password, decide which Titles they can see and decide which functions they have permission to use.

Walkaround Control Panel 6 User

7 Statement

List of Page Credits purchased and consumed.

Walkaround Control Panel 7 Statement

8 Invoices

Pay/view Page Credit purchase invoices.

Walkaround Control Panel 8 Invoices

9 Workflow

Edit the Object Workflow sequence, colours and descriptions. Also trigger a reminder email for specific Workflow steps.

Walkaround Control Panel 9 Workflow

10 Sections

Create and edit editorial Sections which can be applied to Flatplan Pages.

Walkaround Control Panel 10 Sections

11 Show Archived

Display archived Flatplans.

Walkaround Control Panel 11 Show Archive

12 Titles

Filter Issues list by Title.

Walkaround Control Panel 12 Show Title
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