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Why? Highlight which area of a page is editorial content by allocating editorial space

Step 1: On the Object Panel (right of screen) click the Editorials Button to display the Editorial Objects

Step 2: Click, drag and release the object where required. The Editorial Options Panel automatically opens.

Step 3: Add descriptions, display titles and workflow status etc as required

Step 4: Click Save to close

Note: Releasing an Object while it is positioned slightly off the edge of the page forces it to snap neatly to position

Note: Editorial and advert objects cannot overlap. The Rest of Page Editorial Object is the exception

Note:  If your page design requires bespoke Editorial Object sizes, click New Custom Size at the foot of the Object Panel

Note: To prevent the Editorial Options Panel automatically opening when adding a batch of objects in quick succession go to Control Panel, My Flatplan and uncheck the Auto option

Note: To manually open an Editorial Objects Options Panel, simply click the object

Video Tutorial

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