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Open Page Options

  • Open Page Options: Click the Page Options Button to open the Page Options screen

Select Insert Pages

  • Select Insert Pages: Click the Radio Button to select the Insert Pages option

Move to next step

  • Move to next step: Click the Next Button to move to the next step

Enter Page count

  • Enter Page Count: Enter the number of Pages you would like to add

Enter position

  • Enter position: Chose the position in the Issue where you would like the new Pages to be added

Preview the Page Insert

  • Preview the Insert: Click the Next Button to preview the Page Insert

Confirm Page Insert

  • Confirm Page Insert: Confirm the number and location of the Inserted Pages
  • Note: If the Page count is indivisible by four, a warning will appear

Apply the Page Insert

  • Apply the Pages: Click the Apply Button to save the change

Page Insertion complete

  • Page Insertion complete: The Page Insertion is complete and the Page count has increased accordingly

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